Recovery Meditations ~ Hope ~ One Day at a Time ~ January 26, 2011

~ HOPE ~

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In the hour of adversity be not without hope,

For crystal rain falls from black clouds.

Persian poem

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When I was a child, I lived in a fantasy

world and dreamed of all the wonderful

things that would happen to me when I

grew up. I would have a wonderful

husband, beautiful children, a

fulfilling job and, of course, I would

be thin. Unfortunately the fantasy

never materialized, and even when I did

lose weight my life wasn't the perfect

life that I had envisioned. I would lose

weight and then promptly regain it. Life

in general seemed so empty and

futile. No matter how hard I tried,

nothing seemed to work. I hated myself

and my life; it often seemed pointless

to go on.

When I walked into the doors of the

first meeting I ever attended, there was

something on the faces of the people I

met there. I didn't know what it was at

the time, but I saw something that I

wanted. It wasn't that they were all

thin, because many of them were not. So

what was it that these people had that I

didn't? What they had was the hope of

recovery. If they were willing to reach

out to a Higher Power of their

understanding, and if they would work

the program one day at a time, then this

would guarantee them recovery.

I didn't know what recovery meant

then. Because all I wanted was to lose

weight, and because I wanted what they

had, I was prepared to do what they were

doing. I realized then that it wasn't

only about the weight, although that

does play a part. These people were

learning how to live their life sanely,

and even when they struggled with life,

as we do from time to time, there was

always the hope that they could get

through those difficult times by using

the tools and reaching out to others in

the fellowship.


Even when I am going through difficult

times and the future looks gloomy, I

have hope that it will get better if I'm

willing to work a simple program.