Recovery Meditations ~ Discipline ~ One Day At A Time ~ February 9, 2011

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Look at a day when you are supremely

satisfied at the end. It's not a day

when you lounge around doing nothing;

it's when you've had everything to do,

and you've done it.

Margaret Thatcher

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This quote is so true for me. Many were

the days when I would isolate and

procrastinate, allowing the anxiety to

build a wall around me. Today, through

program, I have learned that the word

discipline means freedom, not


As a compulsive eater I could be lazy,

slothful, untidy and undisiplined, doing

things only if they were absolutly

necessary. I am learning that laziness

doesn't work for me anymore; it only

feeds into my feelings of shame and

unworthiness. I am learning to clean my

surroundings, therefore boosting my



I see discipline, not as a punishment, but as part of a way out of my disease into recovery.