Recovery Meditations ~ Love ~ One Day At A Time ~ February 3, 2011

~ LOVE ~

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The supreme happiness in life is the

conviction that we are loved.

Victor Hugo

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All of my life I felt unloved. Deep in

my soul I was also convinced that I was

unworthy of love. Nonetheless I craved

love deeply.

In a desperate attempt to feel OK, I

forsook the God of my childhood and

declared that there was no God. I

spiralled further and further into the

depths of despair, unable to feel or

give love. In my downward spiral, I

turned to food to block feelings of


I entered Program dying of addiction as

well as the deep sorrow of the

loveless. I thought I was different from

everyone else, that no one could

possibly understand me. I had no peers,

no real friends.

However, once in Program I found others

just like me! I started to belong and to

develop true friendships. In my desire

to belong, I worked the Twelve Steps as

others did and found a God of My

Understanding. GOMU is a loving

God. This God supports and guides me

while as helping me learn to give and

receive love. Love has brought me back

to life.


Hand-in-hand with my Higher Power, I love and am loved.