Recovery Meditations ~ Strategy ~ One Day At A Time ~ February 1, 2011

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"Better shun the bait than struggle in the snare. "

John Dryden

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Perhaps the most important strategy for

beating temptation is to avoid it

altogether. Temptation pits me head-on

with my disease and all of its cunning

and baffling ways. It's so much easier

to stay out of its claws and devices

than to try to free myself once caught

in its web.

What ways do I bring temptation right

into my house or provide access to

temptation when I go out? Do I keep

forbidden foods in my house? Have I

ever asked other family members to go

without those things because they are

dangerous to me or my recovery? Do I go

places or engage in activities that

increase my desire to eat compulsively?

Have I considered that, for now, I just

can't go certain places because of the

risk to my recovery? Have I considered

that I might have to give up socializing

with certain groups of people because

they lead me into temptation? Does

watching TV trigger compulsive eating?

Does putting myself in the company of a

certain individuals lead to self-

defeating behavior of any kind? Do I

continually expose myself to stressful

situations or people that tempt me to

eat compulsively? Do I continue doing

the things that tempt me to eat to ease

the feelings or emotions that come up

over it?

Perhaps I am in an unwholesome

relationship, or I overspend, or have

another addiction or compulsion. What am

I willing to do to recover? What am I

willing to change to keep myself out of

harm's way?

It is easy to pray for God to keep me

from temptation, but I must do my part



I must remember to avoid the people,

places and things that tempt me to eat

compulsively and provide a way for the

disease to touch me again.