Recovery Meditations ~ The Past ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 5, 2011


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Even God cannot change the past.

Agathon, ancient Greek poet

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Each day of recovery, I ask my Higher

Power to help me stay focused on

today. Although there are things I would

like to change about the past, I know

that it is not possible. I’ve let myself

fall into traps, thinking "If only I had

done..." or "If only I’d said..." When I

think this way, I find myself wasting a

lot of time and feeling bad. This

doesn’t seem like healthy recovery

thinking. If amends need to be made,

then I make them. If not, then I let go

of the past.

Worrying about the past is not

productive. Regret will not fix

anything. It will merely keep me from

concentrating my efforts on where they

belong ... on the present moment.


I will stay focused on what is going on around me and leave the past in the past.