Recovery Meditations ~ Unity ~ One Day At A Time ~ April 29, 2011


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Separate reeds are weak and easily

broken; but bound together they are

strong and hard to tear apart.

The Midrash, Judaic Text

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For most of my life before coming into

the program, I was a bit of a loner. I

never had a lot of friends, perhaps

because of my feelings of inadequacy,

and was never good at sports, especially

team sports. So I buried myself a lot in

books, in academic achievements at which

I excelled, mainly because I could do

that on my own. I lived in a fantasy

world where a knight in shining armor

would come and rescue me, and my life

would then be perfect. I had never even

had a serious long-term relationship

until I met my first husband, so it was

hardly surprising that I made a bad

choice and after having three children

and much heartache, got divorced.

When I first came into program, it was

the first time I had ever felt part of a

big group, and most importantly they all

spoke my language. Their experiences

were my experiences. These wonderful

people became my family. There was, and

still is, for me an incredible sense of

belonging in the fellowship. No longer

do I have to brave it on my own as there

will always be someone on the other end

of the line or in a meeting who can

identify and share with me what I am

going through. The strength that I feel

when I come into the meeting rooms or

speak to a fellow member on the phone is

a powerful sustaining force for me that

has helped me through countless

difficult situations and continues to do



I only need to reach out and join hands with others in the fellowship to gain the strength to do things I could never do before. It is only with their help, support and love that I am fully able to recover.