Recovery Meditations ~ Happiness ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 17, 2011


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Happiness is an achievement brought about by inner productiveness. People succeed at being happy by building a liking for themselves.

Erich Fromm

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It has been said that if one of us ever
treated another human being the way we
treated ourselves, we would be liable
for criminal charges. I did not treat
myself as a friend, someone I loved; I
constantly fed into my unhappiness.
Alcoholics Anonymous
co-founder Bill W. was asked, shortly
before he died, to sum up the program in
the lowest common denominator. He
replied, "Get right with yourself, with
God, then with your neighbor."
Therefore, it stands to reason that I
must start making friends with myself. I
must treat myself with love and dignity,
and the result will be happiness. To be
happy, joyous, and free is the
by-product of obedience to the program.


Am I going to try being happy?
Am I going to make friends with myself?