Recovery Meditations ~ Gratitude ~ One Day at a Time ~ January 29, 2011


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Thankfulness is the beginning of

gratitude. Gratitude is the completion

of thankfulness. Thankfulness may

consist merely of words. Gratitude is

shown in acts.

David O. McKay

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All the good I have ever been given in

life, both before recovery and in

recovery, has come from God. Even the

ability to learn lessons from the bad

has been one of His many gifts to me. I

make gratitude lists and offer prayers

of thanksgiving, but that is only the

beginning. I only express true gratitude

by sharing with others. I share it as

experience, strength and hope at

meetings. I share it by reaching out my

hand to the compulsive overeater behind

me and sponsoring them or befriending

them. I share it by living a life that

shows evidence of the realization of all

that God has given me. I can only truly

express my gratitude through action.


I will show my true gratitude by giving

away to others what God has so freely

given to me.