Recovery Meditations ~ Positive Thinking ~ One Day at a Time ~ February 13, 2011


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"We could accomplish many more things

if we did not think of them as impossible"

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

from his "Lettres à M. de Malesherbes"

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I have spent a lifetime dieting. My life

can be easily separated into two

sections: the dieting periods and the

non-dieting, or bingeing, periods. When

I first start losing weight, I am

positive about it, to the point where,

if I go clothes shopping, I even buy

things in smaller sizes because soon I

won't be as big as I am. This works fine

while I'm losing weight, but when I

reach a plateau and remain at the same

weight level for a while, or even worse,

gain a bit, I start to think that I'll

never lose the weight I need to lose,

that my sticking to a "diet" for the

rest of my life is nigh to impossible.

Well, with stinking thinking like this,

I'm defeated before I've even

started. Through this program, I've

learned that anything is possible. First

of all, it's true that sticking to a

diet for the rest of my life would be an

impossible feat, but in program we don't

"go on diets." We follow a sensible

eating plan, and this plan should be

flexible enough that it IS something we

can follow indefinitely. Secondly, I

have to correct my time spans. Instead

of thinking of it as "the rest of my

life," I have the option to think of it

as "One Day at a Time," and we can do

anything for just one day, can't we?


I remember that's all it day

at a time.