Recovery Meditations ~ Progress ~ One Day At A Time ~ February 22, 2011


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" ... I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy."

Marie Curie

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I have always been the queen of quick

fix, so if I wanted something to happen,

it had to happen today if not

yesterday. So coming into the program

was very hard for me, in that for the

first time I have had to realise that

recovery is not an overnight thing. For

a perfectionist like me, that has been a

very hard lesson to learn, in that I

don't have to have perfect recovery. My

journey in this program has been an up

and down one, with many slips along the

way, and everytime I have slipped, I

have had to remember that I may think

I'm a failure, but I'm only a failure if

I fail to pick myself up. In the past if

I made a mistake, I was a total and

utter failure, but I know now that all I

have to do each time is to pick myself

up, dust myself off and start over.

The other thing I've learned in the

program is that I also always need to

remember where I came from, and when I

look back, I can see the progress I have

made. My self esteem is growing, and

even though I still seem to slip back

into the old character defects from time

to time, they are nowhere near as bad as

in the past. I am able to forgive people

whom I thought I would never be able to

forgive, and I make amends whenever the

need arises, and as a result my

relationships with people have improved



May I remember that in this program, it is always progress and perfection that counts.