Recovery Meditations ~ A Teenager's Prayer ~ One Day At A Time ~ February 16, 2011

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"I felt as if angels were pushing."

Adolf Galland - on his first flight in a jet aircraft

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Sometimes I feel I really can't take

anymore, I really can't do it. I feel so

alone. I feel no one cares. I just want

to hide away and eat and eat until I am

so sick I can't eat anymore.

A minute at a time I got through my day,

and it was so hard. Didn't anyone

understand how hard it is to get thru

school with the teachers giving me a

hard time. The other kids laughing at me

in a corner, I know they are, I can feel

them. They don't know what it's like to

be me. And when I get home, I get even

more of a hard time.

But sometimes I feel so bad and I come

here on my computer and share or I go to

an online meeting, and I know I'm not

alone after all. Someone cares, they

really do.

I feel heaps better and I suddenly

realise that angels had pushed me

through the day. And even though the day

had been hard, I HAD got through it! I

had a whole day of abstinence!

Suddenly I feel so much better about

myself, about you and about the world in



I will remember tonight. An angel walked with me today, and if I close my eyes and sleep, maybe, just maybe an angel will walk with me in my dreams.