Recovery Meditations ~ Forgiveness ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 26, 2011


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"To err is human, to forgive is divine."

Alexander Pope

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Most of us, especially first when coming

into Program, carried around a great

deal of shame, guilt, and resentment

making it very difficult for us to

forgive ourselves or others for various

past transgressions. We usually must

rely on the forgiveness and support of

other Program members before we come to

a point of being able to truly forgive

ourselves. However, coming to the point

of self-forgiveness is a crucial step

because once we have achieved it for

ourselves, we can can finally come to

the stage of maturity to begin to

forgive others. By offering true

forgiveness, we can begin to release the

plethora of harboured resentments that

have poisoned our soul for so many years

and hindered our recovery.


I will work towards learning to forgive myself so that might eventually learn to forgive others.