Recovery Meditations ~ Victimization ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 27, 2011


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Within each of us lies the power of our

consent to health and to sickness, to

riches and to poverty, to freedom and to

slavery. It is we who control these,

and not another.

Richard Bach

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I have lived most of my life believing

that I was a victim of circumstance. As

a 'victim' I believed I had no power, no

options, no choices, no hope, and no

control in my life. It's so tempting to

be a victim. If I'm a victim, I am not

responsible for anything. Every pain,

every dysfunction, every addiction,

every problem was not my "fault" and

there was nothing I could do to improve

my life. Or so I thought.

One day a friend asked me if I actually

wanted to be well, and I was shocked to

find that the immediate answer flooding

from my heart was, "NO." Wow! You would

think that a 'victim' would give

anything in order to be well, yet I

found that I was terrified of the

responsibility of being well. If I were

well, I would be in charge of my own

choices -particularly the most primal

choices of all: Life or Death, holding

onto powerlessness, or reaching out to

grasp Hope and Health.

I am still tempted to return to the

false security of victim-hood. Yet I

come to recovery, and keep coming

back. I work the program, I learn, I

fail, I fall. I rise again and begin



I will remember that I have the power, the freedom, and the responsibility to make choices which move me towards health. I will resist the siren call of Victimization.