Recovery Meditations ~ Ready ~ One Day at a Time ~ March 28, 2011


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"If we wait for the moment when

everything .... absolutely everything

is ready ... we shall never begin."

Ivan Turgenev

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This was one of my biggest obstacles in

Recovery: I wanted everything to be

perfect. This type of thinking kept me

stuck for many years in the

disease. Instead of my program being One

Day At A Time, it was always "one day

later and I will do your will God."

Now I know that Today

is all I have. I

have no guarantees for tomorrow. So I

let go and let God, and do the best I

can. I have discovered that I do not

have to work a perfect program. Not

everything has to be just "right."


One day at a time I do the footwork that is required of me and leave the results to God.