Recovery Meditations ~ Memories ~ One Day At A Time ~ February 28, 2011


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Some memories are realities ...

and are better than anything that can

ever happen to one again.

Willa Cather

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When one is young, the world is large

and the thought of exploring it is

exciting. Each year that we live we add

to our memory chest ... and by middle

age those memories are substantial. I

have found as I have grown older that I

remember more of the good things that

have happened in my life than the

bad. The good things seem to become

sharper as time goes by ... and the bad

seem less so. It's almost as though the

memory has turned into a "feeling"

rather than a specific event.

When I work on the fourth and the eighth

Steps, my life flashes before me and,

like one of those calendars from an old

movie, time whizzes by and people who

have been part of my life hurtle through

space ... each triggering a memory.

Memories aren't made more poignant by

time. One might think that a decade of

recurring events might be remembered

with more clarity than a year ... but I

have found in the case of my own

memories that it is the quality and

intensity of time that produces the kind

of memories Willa Cather talks about. A

year or two or three, given the right

circumstances, can produce the feelings

we love our memories to trigger, more

than those experienced during a

lifetime. And a lifetime of memories can

be dwindled into just moments.


I will cherish my memories ~ Because I may never experience the reality of some of them again.