Recovery Meditations ~ Perspective ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 17, 2011


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"Nothing is lost upon a man who is bent upon growth; nothing wasted on one who is always preparing for life. By keeping eyes, mind, and heart open to nature, men, books, experience, and what he gathers, serves him at unexpected moments, is unforeseen."

Hamilton Wright Mabie

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I love to walk in the woods. The silent

serenity of shadowed sunlight; the soft

bounce of scattered needles under my

feet; and the cool, clear air breathe

peace into my soul.

I’ve long been fascinated by "nurse

logs" - those aged, fallen pines who

serve as fertile sustenance for younger,

healthy trees.

When I look back at my life I see so

much death. I see wasted years of

hiding, lying, pretending -- years of

wrapping myself in my sickness. I have

held my disease close to me. At first it

seemed to bring safety, but I came to

find that it was actually a death

shroud. I wondered how any good could

ever come from my years of pain.

After entering Recovery and working the

Program, I have come to see that Nothing

Is Wasted. Every sorrow, every injury,

and every failure have brought me to

this fruitful forest of New Life. Had I

never suffered, I would never have found

the Serenity that comes from choosing

Gratitude. Had my life been easy, I

would not have the appreciation I have

gained for each new day. No one values

safety, peace, and growth quite so

profoundly as do those who have lived

without them for so very long.

As I keep my mind, heart, and

perspective focused on God, growth, and

life, I find that my pain has become a

nurse log; rich with all that is needed

to bring life where once was only death.


I will remember that nothing is wasted. I will choose to appreciate the pain and wisdom of the God-given nurse log which feeds me with hope and peace.