Recovery Meditations ~ Serenity ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 16, 2011


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"Serenity is not freedome from the storm, but peace amid the stor not freedom from the storm."

Anonymous Quote

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Why is serenity so important to our

recovery? Because darkness cannot exist

where there is light! If we can maintain

a serene state of mind as established

through our faith in HP and the BB

Promises, negative emotions and behavior

will have no power over us.

Stress, fear, compulsiveness,

obsessiveness, resentment, guilt, shame,

willfulness, doubt, distrust, greed and

envy, have no power over a mind that is

kept in serene repose. Serenity allows

us to see situations clearly and make

wise decisions. Most importantly, by

maintaining a serene mind, we keep the

door to our High Power open.


I will face each challenge with grace and serenity.