Recovery Meditations ~ The Whole Picture ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 10, 2011


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"It should be pointed out that physical

treatment is but a small part of the


Big Book Alcoholics of Anonymous;
Page 143

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Looking around a gallery recently my

friend and I were looking at a mosaic

picture. We pondered on what we thought

of it, and each of us had our own

ideas. Then as we chatted a thought

popped into my head. Now this doesn’t

happen often, so make the most of it.

The mosaic, of course, is made up of

lots of tiny tiles, each one seemingly

insignificant on it’s own. In fact if

you found one in the street, you

probably wouldn’t look at it twice,

never mind pick it up. Yet together with

all the other tiny tiles, pieced

together it forms an unusual and

beautiful work of art. I don’t expect

that all of the tiles are perfect, but

together they are whole. Together they

appear to be as one in unison with each


Then came the second thought (yes, two

in one day). Some days for me are pretty

awful. I feel sick, or saddened. I turn

on the TV and the news is all depressing

stuff, and I think, where is HP while

all this is happening? A few years ago,

I lost my baby and nearly my own

life. Where was my HP then? Losing my

nephew at age 8 a few years later, I

really doubted that any God of anyone’s

understanding could help me with a

weight problem.

But today I see the wonderful days, the

glowing wonderful comforting days that

make life worthwhile. Who am I to say

that this life I’m living is good or

bad? Only HP has the 'whole mosaic’

picture of Life. Not just my life, but

my life touching another life. The

events happening in the world - again,

only HP sees the whole picture. He has

the lid of the jigsaw puzzle with the

main picture on it; we only have one

piece, just like the tile.

After I lost the baby, HP helped the

surgeons to heal me. I certainly didn’t

feel worthy; in fact I felt at the time

that I wasn’t even good enough to

die. Yet HP has stuck by me and has

given me so much. I doubt I’ll ever know

whose life or lives I may have touched

as a result of me being saved, but it

doesn’t matter. HP knows. HP cares.


I must remember that you and I are one in the eyes of our Creator. Not one of us is less than, or more than each other. Together we are one. Together we watch HP work miracles in our lives. Together, we are perfect as long as we are under HP’s direction. Mind boggling isn’t it?