Recovery Meditations ~ Courage ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 5, 2011


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Courage faces fear and thereby masters it.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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I've never been a brave person and was

always very fearful. I would watch movies

where the hero would rescue the heroine,

or where someone would climb Mount

Everest, or perform some feat of daring,

and I would be totally in awe. I was afraid

of the dark, of rejection, of failure and of

most other things that I was convinced

took courage. No way would I go parasailing

or deep sea diving as that seemed to require

the courage that I lacked. I didn't understand

then that people who do those kinds of

things are not totally without fear, but they

have a way of overcoming their fear and still

doing it anyway.

When I came into the program and learned

that I would have to do an inventory and then,

worse still, make amends to the people I

had harmed, I was paralyzed by fear.

Eventually I realized that, even though I

feared doing these things, all I had to do

was ask my Higher Power for strength and

guidance and then do the things I'd most

feared. Perhaps these weren't the feats of

daring that I had seen heroes perform, but

for me they were great victories, and in being

able to do them, I knew that I was developing



I will continue to walk through my fear with my Higher Power at my side, knowing that I am developing the courage that I thought I lacked.