Recovery Meditations ~ Relationships ~ One Day At A Time ~ April 27, 2011


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And let there be no purpose in

friendship save the deepening of Spirit.

Kahlil Gibran

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My initial experience of relationships

in recovery was one of wonder and

relief. I was so amazed to find that

there actually were other people who

understood life as I lived it! Until I

walked into the rooms of recovery, I

felt so alone and different from other

people. Finding people who had also

lived the night- mare of compulsive

eating, helped my isolation fade

away. Seeing that they had found a new

way of living gave me hope!!

As I began to share more deeply with my

sponsor and other people in recovery, I

discovered a deeper gift of friendship

in recovery. I received unconditional

love and focused guidance toward the

steps of recovery which would transform

me completely. This was the greatest

gift of relationship that I had ever

known. This was the beginning of the

transformation that invited me to share

the Spirit of recovery with others.

As I carry the principles of recovery

into all aspects of my life, I find my

relationships with all people are

transformed. My character defects no

longer stand in the way of my honesty,

and fear no longer holds me

prisoner. The Spirit of recovery which

has been so generously shared with me,

continues to be shared joyously through



I will be carried by the Spirit of recovery into all of my relationships.