Recovery Meditations ~ Words ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 31, 2011


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"Handle them carefully ...

for words have more power than atom bombs."

Pearl Strachan Hurd

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A friend wrote to me tonight about the

"healing power of words" I began to

think about that and she was

right. Words can truly heal. I thought

back to times in my life when the right

word at the right time by the right

person made an enormous difference in my

life. I also thought of the times when

words devastated me.

Many times I get busy and don't think

about what I'm going to say and words

come out and in my "busyness" of the

moment, I don't realize they could have

a double meaning. It is afterwards

... many times days afterwards .... that

I realize my choice of words were

inappropriate. We speak and listen to

tens of millions of words in our

lifetime and, perhaps, we need to weigh

the words we use more carefully. I hope,

however, that I don't ever find myself

saying words to others I don't mean or

out of fear restrict words that need to

be said.

Although this British politician of the

1930s, Pearl Strachan Hurd, said that

words have more power than atom bombs,

there is something that I find even more

powerful. Silence. Silence when there

should be words can hurt. Silence when

someone should have the courage to speak

harms. I tend to think of silence as the

ultimate insult. And yet some of the

most beautiful words ever spoken to me

were the silent ones.


let me choose my words carefully but not so carefully that I become calous. Let me use words to heal and not hurt; to make things better and not worse; to express feelings, even negative feelings to and about others, kindly ... courageously ... carefully.