Recovery Meditations ~ Balance ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 27, 2011


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"I've learned that you can't have everything ...

and do everything the same time."

Oprah Winfrey

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Learning about balance has been a

struggle throughout my life; both as an

addict and as a mother, friend, lover,

sister... and woman. I'm not sure if it

is my addiction that causes me to be

over-zealous when it comes to giving too

much to too many, or if my desire for

love has manifested my addiction out of

a need to feel full and satisfied. For

me, finding that spot where a

relationship is comfortable and not

one-sided, where work is just 'work' and

not all that nourishes my life... where

school is an enhancement and not a

crutch for hiding and isolating, is a

hard place to for me to find. I see

patterns within my life where I

consistently struggle for harmony and

balance. Why isn't one of anything

enough? No matter what it is that is in

my life; relationships, work, eating,

shopping, I have to work at managing

balance so that things flow at the right

pace, otherwise, my entire life is off


But today, I don't need to struggle. I

don't need to overdo my relationships or

my work. I can do just one thing and

know that the rest will be there

tomorrow. Today I have the gifts that

have been given to me to manage my life.


I pray that God will help me to manage and balance my life so that I can do a good job with all things, especially living.