Recovery Meditations ~ Kind Words ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 15, 2011


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"Kind words can be short and easy to speak,

but their echoes are truly endless."

Mother Teresa

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How many times are we gifted with

newcomers to our meetings? They are so

easy to see as they huddle in the back

of the room -- usually as close to the

exit as possible. Their oversized coat

is a good giveaway, especially in

July. Their eyes show the fear and

anxiety that we all felt. Sure, we made

it, and so can they.

I remember the elder who first said

those magical words to me -- those two

simple words -- "Welcome Home." The

warmth and safety those words held were

immense. I felt that my body was huge,

and I was embarrassed in a room full of

people who looked very similar to

me…but my eyes could not see

that. They were filled with tears

because of those two words. Welcome

home. Whoever that person was, I have

two words for you, "Thank you."

What can you do to make a newcomer feel

welcome to your meeting? Let us not

forget that all-important first hug. I

remember mine; do you remember yours? It

felt good, I'll bet. So welcome the

newcomer and let them know they are



I will do my part to welcome the

newcomer into our fellowship.