Recovery Meditations ~ Opportunity ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 23, 2011


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"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein

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Pain, struggle, and difficulty can be

catalysts for changes in me. If I am

having so much difficulty living the way

I do, then surely my current means of

coping and survival are not working. The

insanity of it all was that in spite of

all the proof I saw that those methods

did not work, I continued to live the

same way -- and suffer the same

difficulties and struggles -- for many

years. Then opportunity for change

knocked on my door. I found TRG online.

The Recovery Group program has shown me

that there are much better ways to deal

with life than to stuff myself with

food, fear, resentments, and anger. The

methods and tools I have been given here

work. My defects still rear their ugly

heads, but I no longer live focused on

-- or living in -- those defects. Now I

direct my thinking to program material,

prayer and program works. What a gift

that has been! Joy is mine for today ~

for the taking!

When I find that what I am doing today

is not working, what do I need to do? As

a COE with no recovery I would have kept

doing what wasn't working. That made no

sense, but that's what I did. Now when I

struggle with the food, I look at my

thinking, 'cause thinking affects how I

feel and feelings impact my

compulsions. When the thinking starts to

spiral downward I know I need to act. I

need to read program material, contact a

program person, pray and meditate,

and/or do program service. I need to use

the tools to get me focused back on



I will be mindful of my thinking, and

when negative or self-pitying thoughts

arise, I will remember that I have the

opportunity now to redirect and refocus

anew on recovery.