Recovery Meditations ~ Sharing ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 25, 2011


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"What most of us want is to be heard, to communicate."

Dory Previn

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When I am privileged to be involved in a

meeting, hear sharing and have the

opportunity to share, magic happens. For

me, it is the end of isolation, the

times of being alone with my mind and my

thoughts that run away with me as long

as they are stewing inside without me

allowing myself to give them

expression. That is why sharing is so

important. If I receive constantly

without giving, I stagnate. If I give

consistently without taking the time to

take in and be helped, I go bankrupt.

I need to share and listen for the God

of my understanding in others' voices. I

often refer to others who share as "God

with skin on." I also need to share with

others. For me, sharing is a type of

prayer, talking to my Higher Power from

my heart with others listening in on our

conversation! That way I am heard by my

HP and those at the meeting I am

attending. That is the true magic of the


I will reach out to others by sharing in meetings and allowing others to bless me with their sharing.