Recovery Meditations ~ Sharing Our Stories ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 1, 2011


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"You leave home to seek your fortune

and, when you get it, you go home and

share it with your family."

Anita Baker

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For much of my life I tried to be

"Strong." I kept silent about my own

suffering and focused instead on others

people’s needs and how I could help

them. Though I could listen and offer

advice, I lacked empathy and


When my stoic, stubborn, and silent

avoidance of my own struggles finally

made my life unmanageable, I entered

recovery. By listening to stories shared

by others, I have been blessed. I have

found that none of us walk this path

alone. We learn from each other and from

the strength of traditions. I have found


I came to see that my silence was born

from weakness, not from strength. It was

shame, fear, and pride, which kept me

hiding. Now I find great joy and freedom

in sharing my story with others. I am

particularly grateful to God for the way

He used my story with my Dad.

My crisis not only drove me to seek

help, but it freed my Dad to get help

too. If I had remained silent, not only

would I have been destroyed, but I would

have robbed my Dad of the acceptance and

freedom to admit and seek the help he

needed ~ and that has so profoundly

changed his life.


I will recognize that my history and my

current experiences are not to be hidden

in silence. I will share my story with