Recovery Meditations ~ The Titanic ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 30, 2011


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"Men at some time are masters of their fates."

William Shakespeare

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Our early days in OA can be compared to

being a passenger on the Titanic. As we

took our beloved and

wonderfully-powerful first three steps,

we were taking a voyage. In Step One we

realized we were on the Titanic and that

we were doomed. In Step Two we spotted a

lifeboat. And in Step Three we took our

seat in the lifeboat.

My voyage began with Step One when I

realized the connection between some

health issues I had last year and the

weight I was carrying. I had developed

"pitting edema" in both ankles. That,

along with other symptoms I had, was a

sign of congestive heart failure. I was

on the Titanic! I had lived all of my

life filled with resentments and

negative thinking which ate my very

being. I had lost much of my spiritual

strength and was in need of spiritual

renewal. I was indeed a passenger on my

own personal Titanic.

My voyage continued with Step Two. I

can't even remember the circumstances of

how I found The Recovery Group online,

but I know that my Higher Power must

have brought me here. Though I didn't

believe then what the fellowship said in

the meetings, I "acted as if" I believed

my Higher Power could relieve me of

these horrible compulsions to overeat

and to live in resentments and

negativity. That was all it took. I had

spotted the lifeboat and was "acting as

if" I believed it had come for me.

I was being changed. My early days of

abstinence were difficult, but

achievable. I had gotten into the

lifeboat. I don't remember where I was

in the steps, or when it happened, but I

will always remember where I was when I

suddenly realized that God had relieved

me of the compulsion to eat between

meals and to eat at night. That

realization had a huge impact on

me. That day I took my seat on the

lifeboat. I have been blessed with so

much recovery. This ride I am on in this

lifeboat isn't a free ride; it requires

that I work this program on a daily

basis. But when I consider the

alternative, I love the ride I am on,

and I truly cherish the other passengers

I am sharing this boat with!


I will cherish the lifeboat that this program has given me.