Recovery Meditations ~ Perfection ~ One Day at a Time ~ June 2, 2011


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"My imperfections and failures are as

much a blessing from God as my successes

and my talents, and I lay them both at

His feet."

Mahatma Gandhi

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I don't know why I used to think that if

something wasn't done perfectly, it

wasn't worth doing. I was an all-time

overachiever and to fail at anything was

totally unacceptable. Since I set such

impossibly high standards, it was hardly

surprising that I couldn't love -- or

even like -- myself. I was constantly

pushing to excel at those things I was

good at, and I would beat myself up if I

failed to meet my high expectations. I

was especially critical of my body. I

thought that if I had the perfect body,

my life would be perfect.

When I came into the program I had to

learn to not be so hard on myself. For

the first time I began to realize that I

was human and could still be loveable

and worthy ~ even with all my

imperfections and character defects. I

am lovingly reminded by my sponsor and

my friends in the fellowship to be

gentler with myself. They remind me that

I don't even have to do the program

perfectly. I just need to do the best I

know how for that day; then I can see

progress one day at a time. I don't have

to push myself to be perfect all the

time in order to win approval or gain

love. What a relief that is!


I don't have to be perfect all the

time. I just need to be the best me that

I can be for todayand that's the way God

intended me to be.