Recovery Meditations ~ Loss ~ One Day at a Time ~ August 11, 2011

~ LOSS ~

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"The act of giving something up is

painful. But as we negotiate the curves

and corners of our lives, we must

continually give up parts of ourselves.

The only alternative is not to travel at

all on the journey of life."

M. Scott Peck

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As I look back over my life, I can

remember many losses. Some came about by

death, some by the circumstances of

life, and others by choices I made. All

of my losses were painful, but only

three were traumatic. Whenever I gave

something up there was a period

afterwards when my life wasn’t the same

as it had been before. The amount of

pain I experienced and the length of its

duration were not contingent upon the

seeming "severity" of the loss. Death

was final, but not the most traumatic

for me. Letting go of something takes

many forms.

Though my most traumatic losses were

those I experienced at the end of a

relationship, there were other losses,

too. I lost my youth and I mourned

that. I lost a part of my life when a

decades-long career gave way to

retirement. I lost my role as mother

when my children grew up and I found

myself with an empty nest. I lost my

identity when the disease I have had for

a lifetime caused me to reach bottom

and, in the process, took the "me who

was" along with it. And I lost another

part of myself when I accepted the

reality of my marriage and let go of the

storybook dreams I once had.

My Twelve Step program has enabled me to

go through a mourning process for each

loss I experienced. I have allowed

myself to grieve and feel the

feelings. And when all this was done,

God’s grace allowed me to heal.


I will learn from those things I had to

give up ... and I will continue my

journey in serenity and peace.