Recovery Meditations ~ A Disease ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 5, 2011


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"Doc! What do you mean-nothing! What? An incurable disease?

Doc, you're kidding me! You're trying to scare me into stopping!

What's that you say? You wish you were?

What are those tears in your eyes Doc?"

The Big Book, The Believer

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For a very long time I scoffed at those

who said my overweight was because I had

a disease. Yes, my body had doubled in

size ... but it was because I ate more

calories than my body burned. My doctor

said so ... he didn't say I had a

disease. His "treatment" was to tell me

to go on a diet and join a gym. The diet

lasted for a few months and I believe I

used the gym about six or seven times. I

know now without a single doubt that I

have a disease ... a serious one. I know

that it is incurable and that I will

have to live with this disease for the

rest of my life. Dieting made me

fat. Somewhere along the way I didn't

"get it."


I will resist thinking that being a compulsive eater is not a disease. I will aggressively and tenaciously do the footwork necessarily to combat it.