Recovery Meditations ~ Scars ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 6, 2011


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"Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power."

Shirley MacLaine

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I’ve lived most of my life filled with

bitterness towards people, God and

myself. My mind, soul, and body were

consumed by hatred, self-pity, pain,

hopelessness, and a complete sense of

powerlessness. I focused my energy on

reviewing my scars. I counted them,

checked them, nurtured them, and

flaunted them. They were proof of all

the wrongs I’d endured. They were my

source of energy. They were my

identity. They were my badge of sorrow.

As I work my recovery, I am beginning to

see everything from a new

perspective. Gradually my head is lifted

and my eyes are turned away from my

once-beloved scars. The more I allow

myself to accept that my powerlessness

is not a prison of doom, the more I

discover that it is my doorway to faith,

surrender, and serenity.

My scars are still here. There is no

magic potion to remove them. What is

magical, however, is that I see them so

differently. I find that I have a choice

to make every day: I can cherish my

scars as proof of the pain I have

suffered, or I can be thankful for them

as evidence of things I have

survived. Scar tissue forms and creates

a stronger, thicker skin in its place. I

can either pick at it and make it bleed,

or I can welcome the lessons and

endurance it has built into my life.


I will choose to see my scars as proof of the difficulties I have survived. I will choose to appreciate them as evidence that God has brought me through suffering and has used all things to strengthen my faith in Him, my hope for tomorrow, and my serenity for today.