Recovery Meditations ~ Patience ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 22, 2011


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"Patience is the companion of wisdom."

Saint Augustine

(354 - 430) The Bishop of Hippo, was a

philosopher and theologian, and one of

the most important figures in the

development of Western Christianity.

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Patience is an area that I have had some

REAL problems with in the past. I had a

tendency to want - what I want - NOW!

That included recovery. Gaining

recovery, as I would eventually realize,

is not the same as earning a university

credit. It is a process not an end

result. You have to be willing to learn

to do things in HP's time and manner

rather than your own. What began to

happen was - the more impatient I became

- the more life tended to resist my

efforts. It took a long time for me to

realize this. Instead of calming down, I

would get even more impatient and

struggle even harder. Eventually, I

would have a big meltdown and feel like

a fool afterwards. The end result was

absolutely no different for having done


It took time for me to muster the

willingness to do things in HP's time

and manner. But when I did - life became

much more peaceful and things had a

tendency to work themselves out -

without all the dramatics.


I will learn to patiently and willingly do things in HP's time and manner.