Recovery Meditations ~ Perseverance ~ One Day At A Time ~ March 8, 2011


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To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil on it.

Mother Teresa

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As a child I can still remember being

terribly stubborn, and would even have a

temper tantrum if I didn't want to do

something. As I grew up, the trait of

stubbornness remained, and it would be

hard to get me to budge if I had decided

I didn't want to do something. After

coming into the program, I realized that

stubbornness is actually a character

defect of mine, and whilst I am praying

to be relieved of it in its negative

form, I also know that that same

character defect in its positive form

has helped me tremendously in the

program, especially seeing my journey

has been one which has been

characterized with many slips along the

way. But one of the things that I've

never stopped doing is coming back, and

I know that it is this very character

defect of stubbornness, turned into

perseverance, that has made me keep

working at the program, even when it

would be easier to just give up. So I

have kept coming to meetings, and

working the steps and the tools even

when I was struggling, because I know

that it is only when I do that, I have a

chance of recovery.

It has been said that this is a program

of action, and so I repeat on a daily

basis the actions that have brought

recovery to thousands. Some days it is

harder than others, especially when the

willingness is not there, and on those

days my old pattern of wanting to block

out the feelings with food

resurfaces. But I also know that when I

use the tools and work the steps, I can

deal with the feelings without resorting

to food, because my Higher Power will

help me to get through the daily

struggles when I turn them over to

Him. So what I need to do on a daily

basis is to ask for help from my Higher

Power with my unmanageable life, instead

of turning to food, and even on days

where I'm struggling, I just need to

keep putting one foot in front of the

other and persevering with working the


I will persevere with working the program, so that I can recover from this disease of compulsive overeating and be restored to sanity on a daily basis.