Recovery Meditations ~ Aging ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 10, 2011


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Those who love deeply never grow old;

they may die of old age, but they die young.

Benjamin Franklin

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I used to be afraid of getting older. I

was also afraid to become friends with

older people, because I would come to

love them and then they would die. I

could not handle unpleasant feelings

(other than if I overate to stop feeling

them) because the feeling of

unpleasantness would totally devastate


In working the Twelve Step program, my

Higher Power has brought me great

recovery in this area ... I am now able

to handle the grief and sorrow that come

up when I allow myself to get to know

and love older people and then they

die. I am now free in this area! I get

to enjoy the wisdom and beauty that they

have to share, from all their life

experiences, and from the beautiful

people they are!

Another beautiful gift from my Higher

Power came when I started relating to

older people again. When the first one

died, it really threw me, and I was very

sad. But I got up the next day and had a

great spiritual awakening: this person

was missing and that was sad, but I

looked around and saw all the other

wonderful people still there in my life,

with whom I got to share another day!

Life suddenly became much more precious

to me ... to have one more day to be

with and share with someone who touches

my soul!


I enjoy myself as I become older. I allow myself to enjoy friendships with those who are older than me. I thank my Higher Power for every day and every moment of precious life!