Recovery Meditations ~ Fear ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 11, 2011

~ FEAR ~

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What I have always feared has happened to me.

What I have dreaded has come to be.

The Bible, Book of Job

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There are different kinds of fear. Some

fear is good, because it helps us to be

able to preserve our life. Babies, for

example, have a fear of falling. It just

seems to be a natural instinct. Any fear

that protects us from harming ourselves

is a good fear.

However, when fear becomes an obsession,

it is getting out of hand. "What I have

always feared" has come to pass. Why do

we go looking for trouble? There is a

saying, "Don't let clouds of fear of the

morrow hide today's sunshine." We can

get so anxious about what's going to

happen in the future that we don't enjoy

living today.

Life is a precious gift to be lived one

day at a time, and is to be shared with

others. This New Year, let us pass this

gift on to our friends and family,

especially our friends in recovery


This is how I will live my life: One day at a time, one moment at a time, sharing my precious gift with another through Twelve Step giving.