Recovery Meditations ~ Birthright ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 23, 2011


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I've continued to recognize the power

individuals have to change virtually

anything and everything in their lives

in an instant. I've learned that the

resources we need to turn our dreams

into reality are within us, merely

waiting for the day when we decide to

wake up and claim our birthright.

Anthony Robbins

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I have divine origins because I am part

of my Higher Power. Whether I see my

Higher Power as a male, female or

neither; no matter if I experience my

Higher Power as a Heavenly Parent, a

Divine Friend, or a Great Spirit;

whether I find my Higher Power in a

temple, in the mountains, or in my

child's eyes ... I am connected to

something greater than myself, my

problems, and my fears. The who, what,

where, when, and how of my Higher Power

are not important. I don't have to

completely understand HP because my HP

understands me.

I have been endowed with all the things

I need to be successful in recovery and

in life. All I have to do is step up and

claim them. I have intellect, I have

emotion, and I have a spirit. All of

those things have a direct line to my

Higher Power. What I can't yet access is

given to me as a gift when I claim my

divine birthright by simply saying, "I

can't. You can. I think I'll let You."

What greater power is there than to give

our power to our Higher Power? Knowing

when I can't do it alone is a gift!


I will remember I come from royalty. I will remember my divine birthright and step up to claim it. Today I will not sell my divine birthright for a mess of pottage.