Recovery Meditations ~ Loneliness ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 24, 2011


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Feeling our loneliness magnifies it.

Understanding our loneliness can open

doors into our self-awareness, which we

long for and need.

Anthony Robbins

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Before I found my Twelve Step program, I

felt so lonely. I was stuck in total

isolation and the feeling of loneliness

felt one hundred times worse. The

isolation and loneliness caused me to

continually eat ... and so I'd isolate

more. What a vicious cycle!

When I found my recovery program, I

still wanted to isolate. When going to

meetings, I wanted the seat with nobody

around it. I didn't want to open my

mouth to share or talk, even after the

meeting. I kept coming back even though

I felt alone, because I heard familiar

things that really interested me. I

eventually saw that most of the people

in the room felt the same loneliness I

did. I began to understand why I felt so


When I understood that my compulsive

eating was causing me to isolate and be

more lonely, a big burden was lifted off

my shoulders. I finally felt some hope!

Then I found that there were many other

doors in the past that I should open and

become more aware of. These past

happenings were what started and fueled

this disease of compulsive eating. I

wanted to know but I was also afraid to

find out.

The similarities, kindness and love I

found in the rooms made it easier to

look at my past. Understanding that I

was not the total reason for my

loneliness, I began making amends. I

needed to forgive others who had harmed

me and those I had harmed. I felt

lighter and more self aware, and

confidence began to emerge.


I will remember that it's okay and good

to feel my feelings but they don't have

to rule my life. I don't have to let

loneliness magnify, causing me to eat

uncontrollably to solve the

problem. I've learned to turn things

over to my Higher Power and to let them

go. Looking back is the key to my self-

awareness and my recovery.