Recovery Meditations ~ Understanding ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 25, 2011


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Understanding is the wellspring of life.

The Bible, Book of Proverbs

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Early on in my recovery I became aware

that understanding myself and my disease

was going to be a tool of success. For

many years I lived day after day in my

addiction, bemoaning it, suffering in

it, struggling against it, and adopting

the world view of my condition. I came

to believe that losing weight was the

answer to all my problems ... if I could

stick to a diet. Because I couldn't, the

thoughts of worthlessness, ignorance,

shame and guilt were repeatedly


In working the Steps, the idea of

recovery through understanding myself

was born. Through knowledge of my

Higher Power, and by His guidance, the

understanding of my past and my present

have given me keys to freedom from

compulsive overeating. I welcome working

the Steps because they have opened doors

of my heart to mend the past and receive

hope for the future. Understanding who I

am and why I'm like I am, allows me to

be abstinent and to develop new ways of

coping with the stresses of life.

Understanding the disease frees me from

guilt and shame and releases self-



I continue to seek knowledge and understanding as a way to recovery.