Recovery Meditations ~ Higher Power ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 7, 2011


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If you spend all your time looking for

Him, you might miss Her when She shows


Neale Donald Walsch

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Our program of recovery teaches us that

we each must lean on a Higher

Power. This Higher Power is also known

as "the God of my understanding." There

is nothing in this Twelve Step program

of ours that says that my Higher Power

must be the same as your Higher

Power. For some, the Higher Power in

their life is a deity. The program

itself, or a weekly meeting, might be

the Higher Power for someone else. It

doesn't matter what or who each person

has for a Higher Power.

Recovery is possible for everyone. Those

who believe in one God can come together

with those who believe in many Gods, or

maybe no God at all. The atheist has

just as much chance of recovery as a

very religious person. The beauty of

this program is that it works for

everybody, regardless of their approach

to the spiritual aspect. That is why it

is imperative that we accept each

other's ideas of a Higher Power. What

works for one individual might not work

for another. But one thing is sure

... the program that works if you work

it, regardless of which Higher Power you

decide on.


I will work my program with my Higher

Power, the God of my understanding, and

allow others to work their program with

the God of their understanding.