Recovery Meditations ~ Religion ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 21, 2011


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Religion is for people who don't want to

go to hell. Program is for people who

have already been there.


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I was religious when I came into program

and I was ready and willing to tell

everyone what the "true" faith was. I

went to church every Sunday. I was a

religion teacher. I knew it all.

The truth is I didn't know ANYTHING. It

didn't take long for me to begin to

question my own religiosity. In fact, it

began at Steps two and three. Before

long, I wondered if there was a God at

all. If there was, is God a He, a She or

an It? Then I decided, yes there was a

God, but did He/She/It care about me?

The real truth is God is who God needs

to be to work through me. There's no

right or wrong answer to my

questions. What I DO know is that God

loves me just the way I am.

The greatest gift my Higher Power gave

me came on the day I looked up to

"heaven" and told God, "I don't believe

in You!" And that still, quiet voice

inside of me asked, "Then to Whom are

you speaking?"


I don't have to have theological "proof" that there is a Power greater than myself. I just need to believe.