Recovery Meditations ~ Positive Thoughts ~ One Day at a Time ~ May 9, 2010


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Let go of your attachment to being

right, and suddenly your mind is more

open. You're able to benefit from the

unique viewpoints of others, without

being crippled by your own judgment.

Ralph Marston

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Before joining this program much of my

life was taken up with defending myself

against those who would hurl abuse. I

kept everything and everybody at arm's

length in a bid to protect my

increasingly fragile and sensitive

self-assurance. As time marched on, and

my disease became parasitical, the walls

around me grew higher and isolation drew

me inwards.

Ironically, the fortress I was building

didn’t protect me from myself and I soon

became my own worst enemy. My

self-loathing and my unceasing search

for perfection led me deeper into a

self-induced state of

depression. Keeping everybody out and

locking myself in became an exhausting


On entering the 12 Step program I soon

realized that the fortress I had so

carefully built to protect myself

against the outside world was also

preventing any kind of light, warmth and

love from entering in.

As my journey of recovery progressed,

brick by brick the walls came down and

afforded me the nourishment I needed to

blossom and grow. In learning to accept

myself, I found that what others thought

of me paled into insignificance. I

learned that there was a wealth of

experience, strength and hope which

would help me along the journey. I

learned that I could take what I needed

and put down the remainder, without the

resentment, anger, fear or pain, which

previously would have sent me running

for cover.

One Day at a Time . . .

I aim to be willing to keep my mind

open, to accept what I need to continue

my journey, and to leave the rest.