Recovery Meditations ~ Compassion ~ One Day at a Time ~ June 7, 2011


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"How far you go in life depends on your

being tender with the young,

compassionate with the aged, sympathetic

with the striving, and tolerant of the

weak and the strong. Because sometime

in your life you will have been all of


~ George Washington Carver

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This Twelve Step program works wonders

on many levels. But one of the most

noticible changes I've seen in my life

has been in the area of compassion.

Eating disorders can really mess a

person up. All of us who have the

disease of compulsive eating, in no

matter what form, have been laughed at,

discriminated against, or generally

overlooked by those who don't suffer

from our disease. So, one would think

that compulsive eaters would be more

loving and understanding to their

fellows. For the most part this is

true. But I have seen compulsive eaters

be just as cruel as our more

normal-weight counterparts.

If we can mistreat each other, how can

we ever expect others to treat us

differently? We need to remember where

we were in our disease, for there are

others in that same situation. We need

to see ourselves in the newcomers to our

program, because we run the risk of

returning to where they are now. "There

but for the grace of God go I" takes on

a whole new meaning when we apply that

phrase to our situation.

Sometimes we see varying degrees of

success in this program of recovery. We

must each work our program, and allow

our fellows to work their program. It's

not up to us to take someone else's

inventory concerning the success or

failure of their program. We need only

to keep our own side of the street

clean, and to show compassion to those

of our fellows who are struggling. After

all, compassion was what prompted the

founding of our fellowship in the first



I will consciously practice compassion

toward those who still suffer, because I

remember where I came from on this path,

and realize I could return there.